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What are VoIP home lines and why are they important?


What are VoIP home lines and why are they important?

The world is far more accessible than it’s ever been in human history. With technology ever advancing, people are not only able to speak to each other from literally across oceans, but see face-to-face in real-time. VoIP phone lines (Voice over Internet Protocol) allow you to not only do this more efficiently than ever before, but also at just the cost of your standard monthly internet charges.  Nowadays, there are many companies that offer this service absolutely free! VoIP phone lines, at the core, use the internet as a high-speed, long distance communication device, allowing long distance calls to take place from anywhere in the world.  Long distance charges are obsolete.

Though many would be led to believe there are certain limitations to VoIP phone lines, on the contrary, with the proper software and hardware, it is absolutely possible to achieve all the same functions you would have on a standard telephone and then some!  This includes parking calls, call transfer, forwarding, etc.  You can even use a local grouping of VoIP phone lines when using a LAN (Local Area Network), though an internet connection is required in order to make calls outside of the network.

There is specific hardware made for VoIP phone lines, such as phones adapted to using the internet for communication. It is quite possible to emulate a phone on just a computer alone, using any one of various applications designed for the purpose.   Skype is one of the more popular applications for this, which relies on VoIP phone lines to operate. Even though VoIP phone lines rely on the internet to make calls, it is also possible to make calls to land-lines, usually involving an additional cost. Certain phone companies have begun adapting this technology in their own products, offering these programs as well. One of the most popular use of VoIP technology is in video games, which is created specifically to use in many games to communicate and conduct strategies with or against fellow players.  Some examples of these specific VoIP applications are Ventrilo, TeamSpeak and Steam.

One thing to keep in mind when using VoIP technology is that all the information being transferred is more accessible, leaving it open to potential threats. However this information can easily be encrypted and protected and most popular VoIP applications nowadays do this anyway.  Using a VoIP phone lines is a far more cost-effective way to communicate with others.  There is no reason for a phone company to charge long distance anymore.  Whether it’s for business, talking to family overseas or just for gaming with friends, VoIP phone lines provide an excellent way to communicate with anybody, anywhere, anytime.