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Changes in Bluetooth Headsets

When Bluetooth headsets first came on the scene it was a great day for the on-the-move businessman. Not only did Bluetooth provide a wireless technology that was inexpensive, but also allowed people to communicate without a headsets that went over their heads. Yes, Bluetooth headsets were definitely a good addition to wireless communications, but over time they have become so much more then just a wireless headset, Bluetooth headsets now have many other features that make them popular.

How did Bluetooth headsets begin?
Bluetooth headsets began as very basic wireless headsets that sat in your ear like an ear bud headphone. At this point Bluetooth headsets were limited by the infancy of Bluetooth technology and had poor call quality as well as a much shorter range then the Bluetooth headsets of today. Even funnier is that Bluetooth headsets were more expensive then what you will find today in terms of Bluetooth headsets.

How did things change?
The first few changes in Bluetooth headsets were brought about with advances in the Bluetooth wireless technology. As this technology grew, so did the call quality and range of these Bluetooth headsets, turning Bluetooth headsets in to a much more feasible type of wireless communication, although not nearly perfect. It was also at this point prices began to drop as more and more people began to use them.

Next Step in Bluetooth headsets
With growing popularity, Bluetooth headsets started being seen all over the place. Even people on busses and walking down the street would use Bluetooth headsets, which often times, would make people think they were crazy for talking to themselves as it was hard to see the Bluetooth headsets. Not only in popularity, new advances were introduced to Bluetooth headsets technology that allowed them to perform much more advanced functions such as voice dialing. This was a big step in Bluetooth headsets because it allowed true hands free communication. Before this, Bluetooth headsets were not completely hands-free because to dial a call you had to use the phone’s dial pad.

Bluetooth becomes multimedia
The next big step for Bluetooth headsets was the switch from basic operations to full featured operations. Yes, voice dialing was already available to Bluetooth headsets but that was it. At this point in the Bluetooth game, Bluetooth headsets started being able to read texts to the wearer, write texts for the user, and even with the right Bluetooth headsets, play music from the mobile device. These advancements turned Bluetooth headsets in to the ultimate wireless device for mobile users.

In today’s society Bluetooth headsets are everywhere, and this is in part because of the hands-free driving laws. In Ontario and many other places worldwide, driving without a wireless headset of some sort became a punishable offence. This caused a gigantic boom in Bluetooth headsets sales and helped to lower the prices to the point where, currently, you can purchase low end Bluetooth headsets for $10 at the right store.

What could be next for Bluetooth headsets? Only time will tell, but really there isn’t much left.