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Tired of tangled wires? Spilling your coffee? You need Plantroni


The last 50 years have witnessed Plantronics undertaking heavy investment in the communication industry. This investment has been undertaken in various areas and notably has been its products. The massive investment by Plantronics has been aimed at ensuring that the company remains at the top of the market in term of superior communication gates. The 50 years in existence, have seen Plantronics gaining increased customer loyalty with massive loyalty being in the airlines, call centers among other communication agents. Over these years Plantronics has kept improving on its gadget to ensure that the products are meeting the consumer needs. The company has done massive improvement and development of various gadgets between them, wireless headsets and the CS540 wireless headset.


This is the latest technology in the communication industry. These headsets employs the use of wideband VoIP technology. It gives the user lots of advantages compared to the other headsets. With the wireless technology being employed, a CS540 wireless headset enables the user to cover 100 meters without losing coverage signal. The wider range being offered by the CS540 wireless headsets enables the user to move freely within the office without losing contact and signal hence allowing the user to multitask.

For a long time, sound quality has been an issue in communication. However, the designing of CS540 wireless headsets by Plantronics Company has played a great role in eliminating this issue. Designed with CAT-IQ wide band and digital signal processing technology, this headset provides quality sound to the listener. This is further enhanced by the noise cancelling microphones which eliminates the background noise hence producing good signals to the person on the other end.

Comfort is one of the basic aspects that companies look for when shopping for wireless headsets. As such Plantronics had this in mind when they developed CS540 wireless headsets. This headset is light and well-fitting when one puts it on. Its design provides comfortably any time one is wearing it. In most cases it provides room for one to alternate between the ears or over the head.

While designing CS540 wireless headsets, Plantronics considered the durability of the products. With companies spending so much on communication headsets, Plantronics wanted to eliminate the problem through the designing of CS540 wireless headsets. The design of the heads set is in such a way that it’s easy to handle hence reducing the chances of wear and tear.


Plantronics has a number of wireless headsets gadgets. To ensure that the company is keeping with the needs and even the pace of communication, most of its wireless headsets come in series with the latest series being Savi 700 headset series. However, the headsets have different operating systems with majority of them employing the use of Bluetooth technology. There are others which make use of the pins. Moreover, Plantronics has developed lighter headsets hence this ensure that they are comfortable and user friendly. Plantronics considers affordability hence developing gadgets for different classes. The main reason is to ensure that people and companies have quality wireless headsets