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Toronto Wireless Headsets

As the premier stockists of wireless headsets, we have essential knowledge and insights into the Toronto
markets. In our Toronto outlet, the favourite variety of wireless headsets tends to combine a headphone
function with a microphone set. They are either made with a single ear piece (mono) or double earpieces.
The double earpieces can be mono to both ears, or it can be stereo. Wireless headsets tend to get a bad rap
in a lot of quarters. In the Toronto area, we are the go-to outlet for some of the classiest and chic wireless
headsets you can have in your collection.
Types of Wireless. For a city of 3 million, we have a large market with an ever-growing demand for these
headsets. We have built our reputation as a well-stocked outlet who handle all types, designs, brands and
qualities of wireless headsets in Toronto. Our vast collections of wireless headsets are made of three main
types which fall into two broad categories. First, we do have the infrared and radio frequency headsets. The
infrared is rare but still available and often used in most Toronto TV sets. They require an unobstructed line
of sight between the headset and the transmitter. Radio frequency wireless headsets can work for a distance
of up to 150 feet through walls and barriers. Bluetooth is the most reliable and durable means of using
wireless headsets.
Battery Life. Most Toronto residents buy wireless headsets for mobility and autonomy. Therefore the
batteries have to be top notch. We stock excellent wireless headsets that will serve you well in the sunny
Toronto outdoors. Most of our wireless headsets use either standard disposable battery or rechargeable
battery. Lots of wireless transmitters have ports that can serve as charging docks for the wireless headsets.
The Bluetooth type of wireless headsets has a battery life of 8-12 hours depending on the usage and quality.
Their battery life is inversely related to the volume. The louder the music the shorter the battery will last.
Bluetooth and Sound Quality. Because of our market and client experience we can quickly spot trends in
purchases and quality improvements on these wireless headsets. The wireless headsets that rely on
Bluetooth have come a long way. In the Toronto market, the love for Bluetooth wireless headsets is at an all-
time high. Never mind the fact that initial use of Bluetooth in wireless headset devices was underwhelming.
The old Bluetooth compressed audio rather clumsily and ended up producing spiky digital tones. Currently,
Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 available in our Toronto outlet have CD like performance. Our wireless headsets
variety from LG, Samsung, Motorola and HTC in the Toronto electronic outlet have devices that support aptX
and have low latency. Latency is the time lag of a signal between when a source device plays and the
wireless headsets.
Form Factor and Size. The best wireless headsets that we stock in our Toronto outlet are on-ear and over-
ear sets. Even then you can be able to secure an in-ear set. Most in-ear sets have larger earpieces so as to
be able to fit the Bluetooth. Sometimes they also have a thick neckband to house the parts and the controls.
However, most of the latest wireless headsets that we have stocked in the Toronto outlet do not have these
functions. Even then most basic controls are built into one ear-set or spread out to both earpieces.
The accessibility and functionality of these controls are something we can help you test and simulate when
you buy from us. That’s because most controls are guided by aesthetic rather than practical concerns.
Overall we remain to be the premier stockists and suppliers of all varieties of wireless headsets that you’d
need across the city of Toronto.