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Hosted PBX for Small Businesses

You need a hosted pbx. Do you know what hosted pbx is? No? This article will elaborate on hosted pbx and why your business can benefit from it. Hosted PBX stands for “private branch exchange”, a phone system for a business that branches a small number of business lines into the many extensions at the company. A hosted pbx, also known as virtual PBX is a type of PBX whose hardware is actually hosted by the phone service provider. That's one of the advantages of hosted pbx because you don't need to care about the hardware stuff saving installation time and money. Furthermore, if there is ever a problem with the hosted pbx hardware, its repair is done quicker by reason of the hardware is there, at the phone service provider's installations.

Hosted pbx runs over the internet. In fact, it is sometimes called hosted voip (voice over internet protocol). With a Hosted pbx system, every phone call to and from your business actually runs over your internet connection. Each call is digitized, sent over the internet, then converted back to voice at the other end of the call. This new generation of phone service can save money in many ways. If you move into a new building, a fact that might happen according to the business growth, you won't have to install telephone lines on the new place. Even in an old building, you won't have to spend money on maintaining the lines, or even paying for a separate service.

Hosted pbx comes with all the features of traditional phone services such as unlimited business extensions, call transfers, call waiting, voice mail, and so on. Moreover, there are additional features that can really help a small business, especially if it is growing fast. Some new types of phones which have additional features can work with the Hosted pbx system due to the digital quality of voip. There is a phone called a voip phone, which you connect to your internet providing all standard phone features. There is also a "soft phone" which is actually software that runs on a computer and also provides all standard phone features. For this phone you need a microphone and speakers, which in the case most people use a headset to handle both speaking and listening part of a phone call. Both of these cost-effective solutions are available from your Hosted pbx provider.

Hosted pbx allows you to expand your business to a new location and treat every phone at that location as an extension of the same business phone lines. This is because the pbx is hosted by the provider thus it considers every phone as a location on the internet. Therefore the physical location doesn't matter. Every phone is still connected to your business through the internet and the hosted pbx system. This is one of the many reasons that small business favors hosted pbx services for their phone system today.