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Hosted PBX Advantage

Business Grade Voice, Quality and Service

Our Hosted PBX service is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based IP phone systems service that increases productivity through the use of a unified phone system which is both flexible and scalable – ALL AT REDUCED COSTS.

Hosted PBX from Headset Express Sharpens Your Operations

·      Voice Quality with Network-based Quality of Service (QoS). Built-in network-based QoS ensures your voice call quality will be crystal clear and voice calls always take priority on your network.

·      Our fully-managed nationwide network for mission-critical communications.

·      Extend the power of an Enterprise's Commutation System to remote offices.


·      Our broadband reach is one of the largest of any provider in Canada, and our nationwide network offers the speed, reliability, and built-in security required for your business.


·      Save money by outsourcing your phone system to Headset Express. With no expensive PBX equipment to lease, purchase or maintain, this system requires minimal upfront capital expense.


Headset Express can also IP enable your existing PBX phone system giving you next-generation phone features.


·      One provider, one number to call. We are the single source for all your voice and data needs. Reach our friendly, knowledgeable, Canada-based customer service representatives by dialing just one number.


Replacing Outdated PBX Systems That You Have Outgrown


Looking to replace your outdated or outgrown PBX System with a Headset Express Hosted PBX solution makes perfect sense. Our VoPI™ service offers businesses of any size a fully redundant, secure, end-to-end voice system that provides the same capabilities Fortune 500 companies enjoy... at a FRACTION OF THE COST.


·      You have the choice to customize a telephony solution that meets your business needs;

·      Customize the number of lines, extensions and features


·      Leverage the number of lines across a greater number of users


·      IP Phones that come with a complete full-featured Premium Service Set


·      Significant savings on enhanced mobility features


Headset Express Hosted PBX Delivers the Full Package


·      Match feature sets to your specific needs


·      Work confidently with a provider that has the experience, knowledge and commitment to help you customize a solution tailored to suit your needs.


·      Gain the exceptional customer service and support 24X7X365



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