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The Benefits of Bluetooth

With all the different wireless technologies out there what is it that makes Bluetooth the top contender for communication and other wireless devices? Well there are a few factors that put Bluetooth on top of wireless technologies, but, like with everything, there are also some downfalls to these widely used Bluetooth devices.

As for benefits of Bluetooth there must be a lot considering how many Bluetooth devices are out there. Well that is kind of true of Bluetooth but it is what the Bluetooth benefits are that has made it such a popular technology. The first benefit to using Bluetooth is that it is very low cost. Bluetooth is likely the most inexpensive wireless technology available, making Bluetooth devices much less expensive for the consumer.

Another benefit to Bluetooth technology is that it is a standardized protocol. This is in contrast to all the different wireless mice and keyboards out there that require their own channel and frequency. With Bluetooth you either have it or you don’t and if you do any Bluetooth device can be connected.

Yet another great benefit to Bluetooth is that it is automatic. This is very convenient, and what it means is that any Bluetooth device within 30 feet will communicate back and forth. This is only true if the Bluetooth devices have been previously paired, but nonetheless it is automatic.

Low power usage is another great benefit to Bluetooth technology. This is why Bluetooth became so popular with wireless headsets, since they could go much longer than other technology headsets without recharging.

One of the last and least used benefits to Bluetooth is the option to have a Personal Area Network. This would consist of many devices in a range of 30 feet using the Bluetooth wireless technology to create a network, not unlike the network many of us have in our homes or at work.

The one downfall with all these advantages of Bluetooth is the level of security. When it comes to Bluetooth security you would be better off with a knife. The protocol is just not meant to be a secure way of transferring data. Now of course Bluetooth has a bit of security, but compared to other wireless technologies it might as well not. This is one of the reasons Bluetooth is used for the things it is. Transfer of data from your phone to a Bluetooth device doesn’t require much security, and with a 30 foot range, not many people will be hacking your devices.

With all these benefits and not that many downfalls, it is easy to see why Bluetooth technology has become such a widespread phenomenon. With so many different uses, from wireless communications, to pc files transfers, and even wireless keyboards and mice, it is no wonder that Bluetooth is here to stay. And hey, in the future with some added security Bluetooth could be the next technology for connecting computer to the internet.