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The Ever Changing World of Hosted PBX


The Ever Changing World of Hosted PBX

If you are part of a business, you have most likely considered hosted PBX, and you may even be currently using this service. This area of telecommunications, as with all technology, is constantly evolving, and making it's self more efficient for the end-user. Hosted PBX, for those who do not know the term, is a private branch exchange, which can be offered by companies on-lease. This allows businesses to have their own internal phone lines with multiple phone lines used for external calling.

Hosted PBX is now able to use VoIP technology to better utilize the systems, at a lower cost. Using internet based servers, the actions carried out by hosted PBX systems can be carried out far faster. VoIP systems are able to identify and re-route calls with speed based on internet speed. This benefits hosted PBX systems by removing the need for physical equipment and allowing it all to be carried out via computer commands.

There are pieces of hardware on the market that allow for a hybrid hosted PBX system, offering the option to use an internet based system that can also change to a wired phone system if need be. This eliminated the problems of a purely internet hosted PBX system, however it does cost more money as it is a physical piece of hardware needed. Imagine having a lightning fast phone system that has protection features built-in at a relatively low price. This is a great hosted PBX option that many utilize and are quite happy to have.

Certain companies offer the ability for hosted PBX users to utilize the benefits offered through their service anywhere they are. What this means is even workers on the road, or at home, they are able to use intercom, pick-up, and call center services. When trying to reach a worker on the road, you can use different "hunting" techniques offered by the provider to pinpoint them.

As stated before, hosted PBX can not only use VoIP, but can be done so seamlessly, even able to use the same phones (if compatible,) or quickly switch to software phones. Due to this, no new physical technology is needed for the hosted PBX, which is a great way to save money! One issue with hosted PBX used with VoIP is that should the internet be down, the calls will not be able to be made outside of a LAN connection, but the fact that it negates certain costs make this VoIP hosted PBX a great choice.

Provider of hosted PBX services are constantly working on new ways to improve their technology to fit the ever-changing business world, by not only bettering their own services as a whole, but even going as far as tailoring their abilities to specific needs. It is best to constantly compare companies, as the evolving niche of business telephone always has something new to offer. It is always possible to attempt to make deals with hosted PBX providers, as they are ever willing to out do their providers.