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Bluetooth is a short range and secure wireless technology that is aimed at simplifying the communications between devices in a close proximity. Bluetooth can facilitate data communications for devices utilizing the internet. Bluetooth aims to make the synchronization of data simpler between computers and other internet devices. All Bluetooth products must pass rigorous interoperability testing to be qualified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) before it can be released to market. Some of the founding members of the Bluetooth technology include IBM, Intel, Toshiba, Nokia and Ericson

Bluetooth was specifically designed to facilitate wireless connections on low bandwidth to make them easy to use. This makes seamless integration easy. One of the best examples of these applications is updating phone directories from a mobile phone. It is possible to manually enter phone numbers and names of a user's contacts or use an IR link cable between the computer and phone, which would thereby start up an application that will synchronize the contact information. Bluetooth enables all this to happen automatically without user involvement, presuming the phone is in the range of a computer.

Bluetooth specification is governed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Bluetooth is a communications and standards protocol. Bluetooth is designed primarily for low rates of power consumption. It does this in ranges of one, ten or a hundred meters. This is based on the type of transceiver microchip for the specific Bluetooth device. Bluetooth basically enables the communication between these devices if they are in range. As long as the devices to be synchronized are within range of each other Bluetooth will be able to communicate without being in line of site. This allows Bluetooth devices to be utilized regardless of the physical setting.

Bluetooth is utilized in many ways these days. One of the most popular applications is that Bluetooth facilitates wireless communication and control between a headset and a communication device such as a cell phone or mp3 player. Bluetooth can also be used to boost wireless networking between a computer in a confined space, and its output/input devices such as the printer, keyboard, and mouse. Bluetooth also enables the transfer of contact details, files, reminders and calendar appointments between the devices that have OBEX, with is short for Object Exchange.  Bluetooth technology replaces the traditional serial or parallel wired communications. Bluetooth is in GPS receivers, which control traffic, test equipment, bar code scanners and medical equipment.

Bluetooth is used for remote controls, which traditionally used infrared. Bluetooth applications do not require a high bandwidth connection like universal serial bus or USB. This means that Bluetooth is wireless which desirable with today’s consumer. Bluetooth technology can also send small advertisements right from the advertising servers, which are Bluetooth enabled to other Bluetooth devices, which have been discovered. It also facilitates the dial up network access on the PDAs or computer by the use of a mobile phone, which is data capable like a modem.