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Why are you still sulking with your boring normal phones? Go Jab

Wireless headsets have been the need of the hour and being a pioneer in the field, Jabra is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the wireless headset segment. With gripping functionality and comforting ergonomics, Jabra brings to us the Jabra 9450 wireless headset series in three different variants - Jabra PRO™ 9450Jabra PRO™ 9450 FlexJabra PRO™ 9450 Duo

The headsets facilitate rife features which ease the usage to a maximal extent and make sure the productive phenomenon always comes in handy. The exclusive features Jabra 9450 series brings into the picture are below.
Softphone and desk phone connectivity
Wireless range of 150 meters between the base and the headset set are feasibly for hassle free calling and answering.

Advanced hearing protection

Noise canceling microphone with a very crisp clarity

Multifunction button incorporated on the headset for easy call handling

Audio and Visual indicators to notify what’s happening

Technically sound Jabra
Jabra headsets can be connected to a Softphone, to a desk phone and can be used wireless which comes in as a handy device to receive or answer calls without much difficulty. Configuring the settings is quite simple and it comes with a very detailed explanation in the manual which lessens our burden.
The charging dock which can be used as and when required when the charge is getting discharged and can be promptly used. The PC call management feature is also pretty interesting managing calls on our personalized settings.
The basic calling feature and it’s management are quite subtle and are built to serve the purposes of call waiting, answering calls, making calls on a consistent basis and also is designed to last long. The advanced call management features to come with intriguing technology like the merging of calls, preventing the call disconnect, the switching between headset and desk phones thereby easing the purpose of calling by making it very simple.
Why go the Jabra way? The advanced features, the base features which comes with the dock for charging and its visually appealing indicators on the base panels add beauty to the high productive headset. The designs on the periphery to avoid human discomfort and make it suitable and comforting coming with the various provisions like the headband, neck band, and the ear hook make Jabra 9450 series the hot cake that it is and rightly for the sheer productivity of the product.
So why are you still sulking with your boring normal phones? Go Jabra with the Jabra 9450 wireless headsets and experience calling in a whole new dimension!