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Guide to Buying a Bluetooth Headset

Making a Bluetooth headset purchase is an important thing to get right.  You could have the Bluetooth headset attached to you ­­for long hours, so you want to be comfortable and happy with it.  There are many aspects to consider before you make your purchase, and hopefully this article will let you distil exactly what you want in a Bluetooth headset.

Form factor

Each Bluetooth headset has a different shape and size.  This is probably the single most obvious differentiating factor for the Bluetooth headset user.  A Bluetooth headset will generally fall into one of three categories.  A compact Bluetooth headset is probably the most ubiquitous type; these are the smallest of the three, the ones that barely extend away from the users’ ears.  They provide satisfactory battery life and call quality, and are fairly inexpensive.  The second kind of Bluetooth headset is a higher quality, but larger headset.  A Bluetooth headset like this will generally have much better battery life and better sound quality, along with a more comfortable fit.  The third form factor is the stereo Bluetooth headset, where the user gets sound in both ears, rather than only one.  In this case, the Bluetooth headset generally wraps around/over the head like conventional headphones.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

If you buy a Bluetooth headset that has NFC, it can provide an interesting feature.  Essentially, an NFC equipped Bluetooth headset can pair itself automatically to your handset, as soon as you tap the Bluetooth headset against your phone.

Dual Mics

A more expensive Bluetooth headset may incorporate two microphones.  As you would expect, one of those microphones is to capture your voice.  The second one is to capture everything around you except your voice.  Then, the Bluetooth headset can filter out all of the background noise on your end of the call, making the person on the other end of the phone call hear only your voice.


As having a Bluetooth headset has become more common, manufacturers have endeavoured to make Bluetooth headset owners more comfortable.  The most effective way to do this was to allow for different sizes of earbud or bands around the ear.  Getting a customizable Bluetooth headset is not likely to cost much more, but could substantially increase how much you want to wear it.

Doing your research before buying a Bluetooth headset is a good idea—they can be expensive, sometimes.  But if you consider some of this stuff, you should be able to effectively discern which Bluetooth headset is best for you.