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Hosted PBX Best of Features

When PBX phone system were released they were a big hit on the telemarketing area but now with the new technologies of hosted PBX services it’s a whole new field. Now with hosted PBX the old PBX phone systems no longer stand a chance. Hosted PBX now offers functionality with the use of the telephone and the internet. The very first hosted PBX was brought up around 1997 and since then it has been blowing up. As of today hosted PBX has more features than ever to fulfill any of your possible needs.

With use of a hosted PBX system you have the best features and connectivity with voicemail with the least equipment needed. Some of the hosted PBX features include automatic call distribution, call transfers, flexible directories and real time monitoring. Hosted PBX also includes many other features that only few other phone systems have been able to keep up. For example hosted PBX web-based supervision tools are a standard. This means that when you would want to add new users, change groups, see call queues and change extensions is just a click away for hosted PBX services.

Another neat feature of hosted PBX systems is the power to push calls through to your own cell phone and allowing it to leave a voicemail right on your own cell phone. With all the great features there are some that we might not even notice. For example hosted PBX can hold on to higher number of calls that many other systems out there. When somebody calls you on hosted PBX system and enters the extension they need it will prompt them to stay on the line while the receiver is ready to pick up the call. Of course you will still have the ability to send the call strait to voicemail or pick it up. If the caller entered the wrong extension you may send them to the right extension by simple pressing the right numbers. Hosted PBX systems can be expensive or cheap really depending on what you are looking for. For example if your company is small you wouldn’t go with all the features because of your budget and when it grows you can improve your hosted PBX system.

Hosted PBX as u can see has many features but one of the most important is the ability to move calls around without having everything wired together. A couple more features of hosted PBX systems are the low start cost, good support, flexibility and easy to manage. All your employees are all at a extension away no matter where they are. Also if they receive calls on their cell phone provided by hosted PBX they can transfer or forward the call no problem.