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Plantronics Headsets

Plantronics Headsets from Headset Express





Plantronics Headsets are among the best headsets in the retail market today. Plantronics Inc. is a leader in the field in this type of mobile communication device. Plantronics introduced lightweight communication as early as the 1960s, and have since then become among the leading designers and manufacturers of headset products all around the world. Among the most popular products from this company, include the SaviOffice wireless Plantronics Headsets (WO100), the CS70 wireless Plantronics Headsets, and the CS55 1.9 GHz wireless Plantronics Headsets. The SaviOffice Plantronics Headsetscombines the capabilities of a desktop wireless headset with VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) connectivity when used in a PC. With the advent of more ways to communicate over the internet, such as Google talk and Skype, users are finding the SaviOffice Plantronics Headsets a more convenient choice. Previously, people would need separate headsets to use on the desktop phone and PC audio calls. With the SaviOffice Plantronics Headsets, the user can also listen to music from a PC.

Most Plantronics Headsets consolidate the features and conveniences that the desktop telephone, VoIP applications and hand set lifter is able to provide, with operation that can be as simple as pushing a button on the Plantronics Headsets to answer a call. The Plantronics Headsets come with noise canceling microphones, which helps to make communication clear. Plantronics Headsets are reliable to people who keep moving offices. Another popular item among the Plantronics Headsets is the Plantronics Voyager Pro. This Plantronics Headset is Bluetooth enabled and can easily network with other communication devices up to an astonishing 33 foot range. It is embedded with a CSR multimedia Flash and eSCO data transfer packets. It is also enhanced using the version 2.1 EDR technology. The microphone in these Plantronics Headsets have noise canceling capabilities that work on 3 mm range. These Plantronics Headsets are enabled with speaker driver, which means that the user can choose to broadcast his calls.

Although wireless is a break through technology and an important feature of Plantronics Headsets, the company also manufacturers corded headsets for the existing niche markets. The most common among these Plantronics Headsets is the SupraPlus Monaural (H251N). This corded headset has an adjustable headband laid on a balanced design and an ear cushion made of soft foam. The microphone in the H251N SupraPlus Monaural Plantronics Headsets has noise canceling capabilities. The H251N-UNC Plantronics Headsets meet both the comfort and performance standards in phone intensive applications. The headset has a response n-band, a stylish design and a flexible boom, which gives better sound accuracy to professionals. The HW251N wideband headset on the other hand is among the Plantronics Headsets that are equipped with VoIP technology for better clarity, less errors, and are enabled with background noise cancellation potential.

The encore Monaural Plantronics Headsets, or the H91N model are for thos professionals who use these devices for longer periods. These headsets are among the Plantronics Headsets that have tone control capabilities, and a noise-canceling microphone, which makes it ideal for business professionals. Other popular Plantronics Headsets include the HW291N headset, the HW251N-CIS headset, the H251 headset and the H91 headset. Overall, Plantronics Headsets are diverse just as they are many. They are classified into six groups covering in-the-ear/over-the-ear headsets, convertible-headbands and ear headsets, Headband-binaural headsets with voice tubes, Headband-binaural headsets with noise canceling capabilities, Headband-monaural headsets with voice tube and Headband-monaural headsets with noise canceling capabilities.

We at Headset Express take pride in the products we carry, and  Plantronics Headsets are one of them. Feel free to browse in out selection and see what product suit your needs and budget.