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Are wireless headset conversations secure?

The entire ranges of wireless headsets for offices (Plantronics & GN Netcom) offer superior security against snooping. The informal spy over hearing the radio feed shall listen to a humming noise as the audio is  coded & encrypted digitally. The headset product that is wireless does not permit 2 users occupying similar feeds & timeframe under usual situations as devices by themselves pick the top existing channel, while if it sense intrusion from another users then it immediately alters the feed. With events taking place in high density time slots where a better timeframe & feed is not available, 2 users close to one another & occupying similar feeds & timeframe could feel mutes at times due to audio being received or transmitted and at times distortion too but not some spying on audio.

Safety against planned over hearing is via user verification plus 64-bit actual digital voice recognition as per norm of accepted algorithm - EN 300 175-7. Wireless headsets made by us apply uniform accustomed frequency hopping while in idle-lock condition that while the ground & headset are within enclosed range but audio isn't enabled. This had be done to make sure the base & headset are there to look after alteration in spectrum of radio signal taking place because of further users and there being intruders, as need for link reliability improvement, there is a additional security layer effect. The sequence of hop is not fixed, physical environment based. It is an aperiodic functioning as with such a mode instead of altering feeds at regular time intervals, the feeds are altered at times when there happens to be a fresh users attempting to connect to the same feed & creating intrusion. Where there are multiple users, there is a security coat as different users alter feeds at will instead of remaining in a constant feed.