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Hosted PBX The Basics


Hosted PBX: Better Than the Real Thing


Have you ever heard of a phone system called hosted PBX? Hosted PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. “Well what is hosted PBX?” Hosted PBX is the internal phone system that companies often have onsite. You know like in the old movies, or as see in the show Mad Men, where the company has a hosted PBX to handle their internal phones and keep things running smoothly on the inside, as well as between them and the outside phone exchange system.

The hosted PBX system introduced many new features as technology advanced. Hosted PBX can do things like; auto dialing, call blocking, call forwarding, conference calls, music on hold, voicemail, vacation messages and many other things. Having a hosted PBX became essential for doing business, making sure you could maintain productivity and growth at the same time. Hosted PBX had revolutionized the way businesses communicated internally and externally. And now internet technology has revolutionized hosted PBX!

With data networks and the internet becoming increasingly important to businesses, it only made sense that they would utilize that technology to enhance hosted PBX, since it was essentially another system for handling data. What we have now from this advancement is the Hosted PBX. Think of all the features and more of the original hardware based hosted PBX, but without the expensive, space consuming, power hungry hardware! Hosted PBX offers you a software solution which allows your business to benefit from all the features of a hosted PBX system, while all the hardware is maintained offsite by your service provider!

Hosted PBX can work through the internet using VOIP to work with your own systems at your location, or any and all of your locations if you’ve got many. Hosted PBX can present the same number for all outgoing calls from any of your operating locations. Hosted PBX provides the flexibility you need to do business in the best way possible for you. Hosted PBX can also be easily scaled to the size of your business, you only get the services you need and don’t pay for the things you don’t, and when you do need those extra services Hosted PBX will totally be able to accommodate you.

Now is the time for you to be working on a Hosted PBX system!