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GN Netcom is a market leader in hands-free devices around the world. The GN Netcom was launched in 1987 and has offices in various parts of the world. Some of the locations that have Netcom include Africa, North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe, among others. Denmark is home to the headquarters which are situated in Ballerup. The GN Netcom research and development projects take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. China is the base for GN Netcom production facilities. This is what makes GN Netcom a global player in the headset industry.

GN Netcom has been in operation for close to 140 years now and still remains the leader when it comes to communication. It began its humble journey as a telegraph company on June 1, 1869 under the name Great Northern Telegraph Company, and has since grown significantly. GN Netcom has been able to adapt continually to the current waves of technology. GN Netcom also works on research and development which allows them to attain high market status. The majority of GN Netcom customers are in the call center industry.  GN Netcom also markets their products to those that deal with PC applications and general office telephony. Some of GN Netcom products are headset telephones, corded headsets, adapters, amplifiers and wireless headsets.

GN Netcom specializes in products that are used with personal computers or telephones. Users can now get headsets from GN Netcom for their corded phones, cordless phones, cell phones, computers and accessories. Among the applications carried out with these GN Netcom devices are the sending and receiving of instant messages, unified messaging and web and audio conferencing. Users are now able to use their phones from wherever they are.

One of GN Netcom brands is the Jabra line which is widely in use at the moment. It is used in the marketing of headsets. Resound, Inerton and Beltone lines are also under the GN Netcom umbrella and they are used in the marketing of hearing instruments. This has catapulted GN Netcom to higher market shares since these products are in high demand on the market. GN Netcom has enjoyed healthy growth and has over 4,600 employees some are based in China and about 1,000 are based in Denmark.

They work tirelessly towards the achievement of GN Netcom objectives. Most of GN Netcom Jabra products are using the latest technologies that include the use of infrared and Bluetooth. These GN Netcom devices allow for multitasking and compatibility with many devices and this has worked at decreasing the output while increasing productivity. These have made connectivity with various devices easier thus making the movement of data from one device to another faster. GN Netcom products are elegant, stylish and easy to use, requirements that are vital in the market today.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our GN Netcom products, regardless if you're using them for your home or business. We are proud to be able to carry GN Netcom products. Please take a look at our selection today.