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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short has recently surfaced as a possible alternative to the standard telephone services. VoIP ha s increased in popularity in recent years, quite a bit.

Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Plantronics Wireless Headsets offers you no phone cords, no headset wires, and no limitations. Just superior sound quality, stylish design, and hands-free headset convenience.

Nortel Headsets

Nortel telephones and Nortel headsets are used to simplify professional and personal work. Nortel telephones are able to maintain the quality that the name represents.

Norstar Wireless Headsets

Norstar wireless headsets are the new innovation of the world we live in today. Norstar wireless headsets offer great range of personal space with your phone or computer in the office, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits.

Netcom Wireless Headsets

GN Netcom wireless headsets work the way today’s in-office professionals work. GN Netcom wireless headsets offer an unbeatable range of personal mobility in the office, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits.

Meridian Headsets

Meridian telephones and Meridian headsets work to compliment any style of office. Meridian telephones offer you the dependability and design features you expect from a quality name.

Jabra Headsets

Jabra headsets have high quality sound and many useful functions that achieve the perfect hands-free mobile experience. Some Jabra headsets feature vibrating alerts, which warn you when you have an incoming call without having the phone ring.

Bluetooth Headsets -- Make Life Easier and More Productive

The road is a dangerous place to be. At the office, you're busy, and always on the go. Wouldn't it be easier if you could take all of your calls hands free? Well you can, with bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets are commonly used with cell phones, smart phones, computers and mp3 players. Being wireless, Bluetooth headsets enable a greater freedom than wired headsets allow.


Bluetooth is a short range and secure wireless technology that is aimed at simplifying the communications between devices in a close proximity. Bluetooth can facilitate data communications for devices utilizing the internet.

Hosted PBX The Basics

Have you ever heard of a phone system called hosted PBX? Hosted PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. “Well what is hosted PBX?” Hosted PBX is the internal phone system that companies often have onsite.

Home Phone Lines

Today’s d market, with its smart cell phones, and internet enabled mobile devices, we take home phone lines for granted.

GN Netcom Headsets

GN Netcom headsets are a global market leader in hands-free devices. GN Netcom headsets were launched in 1987 and have offices all over the world.

advantages of using headsets

There are a lot of benefits of using Headsets from Headset Express. Headsets give you hands-free control over your mobile phone without the need for cables or wires getting in your way.

Hosted PBX for Small Businesses

You need a hosted pbx. Do you know what hosted pbx is? No? This article will elaborate on hosted pbx and why your business can benefit from it.

Home Phone Lines in the Modern World

It is a common belief that home phone lines are now on the decline, home phone lines are also considered useless and too expensive in today’s tough economies.

The Ever Changing World of Hosted PBX

If you are part of a business, you have most likely considered hosted PBX, and you may even be currently using this service.

What are VoIP home lines and why are they important?

The world is far more accessible than it’s ever been in human history. With technology ever advancing, people are not only able to speak to each other from literally across oceans, but see face-to-face in real-time. VoIP phone lines (Voice over Internet Protocol) allow you to not only do this more efficiently than ever before, but also at just the cost of your standard monthly internet charges.

Choosing the Right Bluetooth Headset

Over the past few years the popularity of Bluetooth headsets has skyrocketed, making it almost impossible to walk down the street without seeing somebody using one.

The Wireless Headset Industry - Over 40 Years of Convenient Comm

The wireless headset was a great invention and, in today’s world, whether walking down the street, working in an office, sitting at home, or driving a vehicle you can find somebody using a wireless headset for some kind of communication.

Hands free: Evolution has come

Over the last couple of years the world of communication has drastically evolved and with that evolution has come the need for, and widespread use of, handsfree devices.

The Benefits of Bluetooth

With all the different wireless technologies out there what is it that makes Bluetooth the top contender for communication and other wireless devices?

Technolgies Used by Wireless Headsets

The world we live in gets smaller each day with expanding communication, and one of the biggest factors in this expanding communication is the use of wireless headsets.

Changes in Bluetooth Headsets

The next big step for Bluetooth headsets was the switch from basic operations to full featured operations.

How to use Bluetooth Headsets

First you want to turn on your Bluetooth headsets. Depending on what kind of Bluetooth headsets you have the switch is usually on the Bluetooth headsets around the top or side of the devices.

VOIP Phone Lines Setup

Purchase a VOIP Phone adapter because most of the time you will not be able to use just any ordinary phone unless it is specified for VOIP phone lines.

Wireless Headset - Its' Many Purposes

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems are fast on the rise and you will find it that more people are purchasing wireless headsets compatible with VOIP system instead of normal landline.

Hosted PBX Best of Features

When PBX phone system were released they were a big hit on the telemarketing area but now with the new technologies of hosted PBX services it’s a whole new field.

Guide to Buying a Bluetooth Headset

Making a Bluetooth headset purchase is an important thing to get right. You could have the Bluetooth headset attached to you ­­for long hours, so you want to be comfortable and happy with it.

VOIP Phone Lines: Your future home telephone?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a technology which essentially assigns a telephone number to your IP address, allowing you to use your internet connection to create VOIP phone lines.

Need Home Phone Lines?

For the longest time home phone lines have been the biggest innovation for all the homes. In the modern times do we still have need of home phone lines? Are cell phones enough?

Setting Up a Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth headset is quite popular nowadays but some still have not heard of the team Bluetooth. The term Bluetooth refers to a short range wireless connection between electronics.

How Did Bluetooth 4.0 Change Your Bluetooth Headset?

The standard that Bluetooth headsets use to communicate with a cell phone (that is, Bluetooth) is constantly being improved by technology companies. Depending on the age of a given Bluetooth headset, it will be based on a certain standard.

Shopping for USB Computer Headsets

When you are on the market looking to purchase a computer headset, it is good to consider using USB computer headsets. The USB computer headsets are considered the future of voice calls and meetings.

Are VOIP Phone Lines Best for Your Business?

VOIP phone lines are sometimes considered inferior to traditional phone lines, but there are very few practical differences.

All About Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets normally consist of headphones or one headphone and a microphone. Some wireless headsets also have a speaker for each ear but the norm is only one speaker driver. Those with a single-piece headset are known as monaural wireless headsets. The microphone of wireless headsets can either be of the external type or of the voicetube type. Voicetube wireless headsets designs are also called internal microphone design.

What are the Benefits of Using a Headset?

Using a headset can reduce neck, upper back and shoulder tension by as much as 41 percent, according to a study conducted by Santa Clara Valley Medical. Additional studies done by H.B. Maynard & Co., Inc. also concluded that using hands-free headsets, instead of traditional telephones in the officee, showed a 43 percent improvement in productivity.

9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing The Best Wireless Head

Headsets can be extremely convenient, but this is especially the case when they are wireless. You can listen to audio without having to be tied down to a system. However, there are a few questions you should answer before making your final purchase. Let's take a moment to discuss the top nine.

Toronto Wireless Headsets

As the premier stockists of wireless headsets, we have essential knowledge and insights into the Toronto markets

Wireless Headsets: 4 Characteristics Of A Quality Pair

One of the greatest benefits of wireless headsets is that they give you an incredible amount of flexibility. Unlike the traditional headsets, you don't have to worry about knotted cords or constricted movements. And in most cases, you can use them on any device, as long as it accepts bluetooth. If you're a resident of Toronto, then you'll find many companies that offer quality wireless headsets. However, before you purchase your next pair, you need to know what to look for. Let's take a moment to discuss four key characteristics of a quality pair of wireless headsets.

Wireless Headsets: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing

As technology advances, our lives become a little more comfortable. And this is definitely the case when it comes to how we listen to audio. With each passing year, there's a new innovation which allows us to experience sound in new and more convenient ways. Perhaps one of the most notable innovations is bluetooth. Bluetooth technology allows the user to listen to audio wirelessly.

Use Jabra to tune out the kids, your boss and other noise

When a person is in a noisy environment or they have to work in an office with many other people they are looking for ways to cancel out the noise. One way to do this is with noise cancelling programs. The Jabra 2120 NC headset is a noise canceling so a person can block out what is going on around them and focus what is going on in their headset.

Tired of tangled wires? Spilling your coffee? You need Plantroni

The wider range being offered by the CS540 wireless headsets enables the user to move freely within the office without losing contact and signal hence allowing the user to multitask.

Plan (tronics) to make the best and out perform the rest.

Plantronics is one of the communication companies which have witnessed increased investment to ensure that its products are outdoing its competitors. This is an electronic organization which has specialized in the production of audio communication equipment for both personal and business use. Plantronics products are widely known for their ability to support unified communication.

Dependable high quality sound and best value in Jabra wireless h

Made with strong roots in American ingenuity and Danish standards, Jabra is known for their high quality audio solutions. Their wireless headsets are some of the best in the market, and their Jabra 9450 is no different. This wireless headset was designed with functionality in mind. With capabilities of up to 150 meters of wireless mobility, the Jabra 9450 wireless headset will give you the full range you want in a headset whether you are at home or at the office. You can do everything you can with a telephone; only with a wireless headset, your hands will be completely free to perform other duties.

HW251N Plantronics Headset

Some people require a headset to talk to customers or other employees at work. To keep from being disturbed by other around them, they may elect to wear plantronics headsets for their noise canceling features

3 Facts Consumers Should Know about the Viking V95 NC Pro

People use headsets for many different things and purposes. From listening to all kinds of different music genres to talking with customers online via an attached microphone, the needs can vary greatly from one individual to the next.

Why are you still sulking with your boring normal phones? Go Jab

Why go the Jabra way? The advanced features, the base features which comes with the dock for charging and its visually appealing indicators on the base panels add beauty to the high productive headset