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1 x  JPL 400M USB Headset

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advantages of using headsets

There are a lot of benefits of using Headsets from Headset Express. Headsets give you hands-free control over your mobile phone without the need for cables or wires getting in your way. Headsets from Headset Express have an earpiece that fits inconspicuously in either ear, allowing you to conveniently and discreetly access to all basic call controls, whether your phone is stashed away in your pocket, golf bag, or even lying on a table nearby. Using headsets while talking and driving is now law in many areas and is the key to safe driving.

Headsets from Headset Express give you freedom of choice with our wide selection. Many of our Headsets have the internationally recognized Bluetooth standard and are compatible with Bluetooth-equipped phones. Compatible phones must support the Bluetooth 1.1 specification and Headset or Handsfree profiles. Advanced Freedom of Movement with Headsets from Headset Express.

Many Headsets from Headset Express offer a distinct design with advanced Bluetooth technologies that offer you ingenious and easy control over calls. The Headsets Answer/End button lets you take and make calls, redial, and switch the audio back and forth between the handsets and Headsets. Separate volume control lets you raise and lower call volumes to Headsets allowing you easy movement from place to place-from bedroom to boardroom, cafe to conference, or presentation to party. These are just some of the many features that Headsets have.

Voice dialing features on certain phones can complement Headsets very well. It's as simple as just activating voice dialing and then letting your voice direct your call while your hands are free. To maximize call security, many Headsets also supports encryption of the wireless connection for compatible phone models. Call us now to find out more about the new Jabra Bluetooth Headsets.  The T5330 or the GN 9330.  Great headsets, great prices.

Utilizing the hands-free features involving Headsets is crucial for those who need to make or take phone call while driving. Without Headsets driving can be difficult, therefore dangerous. Free movement of hands is important for safe driving. Headsets can also be useful for other physical activities, like work, sports.

For more general information on Headsets, and their benefits, please contact us at Headset Express today!